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Waiting List Process

Due to the amazing amount of requests to join our waiting list, I have decided to change things up a bit. Going forward a 400.00 deposit will be required to join our waiting list. I will be offering people the option of placing a deposit to hold their spot on the litter of their choosing. What this means is, before a litter is born people waiting will have the opportunity to purchase and hold a specific spot/pick. Below is a detailed explanation of how the process will work.

We will no longer be using a waiting list form. If you are interested in joining one of our waiting lists please call us.  At that time you will be sent over our non-refundable puppy deposit contract for approval. Deposit amount is $400. You will then be put on the waitlist of your choice.

You will be assigned a number on the waitlist, usually 1-3. (Number of spots will vary based on the number of puppies expected/born). If you are Number 1, you will have the first pick of the next available litter/puppy. If you are number 2, you will have second pick and so on. We will send you a text and/or email (please follow The Dood Ranch on Instagram and Facebook) letting you know when the litter is born, and how many puppies (male, female) are in the litter. At that time you will be asked to make your pick. You will have 24 hours to make your decision. You may choose to pass on a puppy from that litter and wait for the next litter, if you so desire. If you choose this option, you will be placed Number 1 on the next waiting list. If you are Number 2 on the waitlist, you will have second pick of the next litter and so on. Deposit is transferable to other litters of any breed but may change your spot/pick depending on availability.
Please understand due to the amount of families waiting and going in order this offer is subject to availability. If you are wanting to hold a spot on a future litter (meaning one that may happen at a later date), you may do so, but please understand that planned litters are not guaranteed. Future litter dates are an educated guess at best. If you are ready to join our waiting list please give us a call at 817-458-8187

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