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Weatherford, Tx

About Us

Family owned and operated, The Dood Ranch specializes in raising Cavapoos, AKC King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and Toy Poodles.


Our puppies are the sweetest, most loyal companions and make amazing family members. 

Contact us today to find out how to make one of our sweet babies part of your family!

What Our Puppy Parents Say

"The Dood Ranch is seriously such an incredible breeder. Not only do they care so much about their pups, they care about their future families as well. We love our little guy so very much! Thank you!"

The Michaels Family  |  NYC

"This is the best dog/puppy! We love our Bernadoodle so much. She’s so chill, smart, loving and sleeps ALL night in her crate! A dream puppy for sure."

The Steinmetz Family  |  TX

"We absolutely love our precious Mavis. She's growing up so fast and is so well behaved and sweet. Couldn't be happier! Thanks so much to The Dood Ranch! "

The Davis Family  |  TX

"It's always stressful and nerve wracking when you're looking for a new puppy but The Dood Ranch really made it easy and fun.

They sent us weekly updates and answered all of our questions!" 

The Conners Family | TX

"Highly recommend!! I had a great experience with this breeder!! She sent me videos, updates and great information as my puppy grew!!! We had such a great experience with our first pup that we got a second. Today we have a 2 beautiful and healthy puppies (1.5 year old F1 labradoodle and a 10mo old cream golden doodle). They are the best of friends! Very smart, loyal and fun loving. THE BEST with children—I never have to worry about friends or guests coming over because these dogs are so well behaved and social. Couldn’t be happier!"

"We love our pup! Breeder was easy to talk to, answered questions and gave us a perfect little dog. We are so pleased!"

The White Family  |  TX

The Bowling Family  |  TX


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