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Parasites: For the average person, the idea of having parasites is a pretty scary thought, but in the world of 8 week old puppies, it's really not uncommon. Similar to a toddler bringing everything home from preschool, puppies are going to pick up parasites from any number of sources i.e... from other dogs to the yard to things being tracked into the house by visitors or even their own mothers. Thankfully, the vast majority of parasites aren't serious and are easily treated. However, also like little ones in preschool, puppies pass things from one to another and back again so as long as they're in a group setting, parasites can be difficult to completely eliminate.  Please, understand that we do everything in our power to send home healthy puppies including but not limited to a full litter stool sample exam as well as a veterinarian health check, but even the great lengths that we go to aren't foolproof.  If, by some chance, your vet does find a parasite, we will be happy to reimburse the cost of the medicine that your vet prescribes and we will continue to cover any parasite related costs until we are all comfortable that that issue has been resolved.  We can not be responsible for other testing if we are not aware of it. 

  Your puppy will be due for his/her next vaccination 3 weeks from first vet visit.  PLEASE NOTE: your puppy is not fully vaccinated until all 3 vaccinations are given. Please refrain from taking your puppy in public places where other animals have been, until the puppy has all 3 vaccinations and is at least 12 weeks of age.
Your puppy has been de-wormed, however, please always include a stool sample when taking your new puppy to the vet. Many parasites can only be seen by a vet at certain times of their cycle. We deworm from 2 weeks until 8 weeks.  Some parasites can even surface from change in environments and stress to the puppy. 

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Food: All standard size and mini size puppies will go home on Purina Pro Plan puppy. Links to buy on can be found below, Our toy poodle puppies will be sent home on Purina Pro Plan puppy toy breed. Link is below. 


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